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Getting to Know the Science in your Pocket

The Pocket Tech kit takes hands-on science to museums and football tailgates

Franklin Institute (a science museum in Philadelphia) and the MRSEC have been
engaged in a longtime partnership
which most recently resulted in a 5th
museum show kit called
Pocket Tech.  At a training meeting in October 2013, this
set of hands-on, interactive,
visual demonstrations was awarded and
distributed to representatives of 16 science museums nationwide from small,
medium, and large institutions in a variety of geographical and socio-economic
areas.  During 2014, this kit is expected
to be seen by more than 250,000 visitors. MRSEC members provided the initial
inspiration and content ideas, feedback during the development process, ongoing
technical oversight, and supplemental “fact sheets”.  AT&T augmented the kits by providing a
refurbished smart phone for each set.


features six demonstrations that explore the technology contained within
personal electronic devices (such as smart phones). Real electronics and
interactive models explain the most notable “software” and “hardware” functions
of pocket-sized computers: the binary language of data storage and processing,
basic logic gates, color display technology, screen re-orientation, touch
screens, and wireless signal transmission. The activities build deeper
understanding of this common technology, and provide insight into emerging
areas of materials science and computational research.