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Wisconsin MRSEC Excellence in Open Science Prize

The Wisconsin MRSEC is committed to being a leader in Open Science, which shares data in digital forms following FAIR1 principles. As part of these efforts the Center has developed a new web site, a best practices guide, and held informational events. This year the Center launched the first Wisconsin MRSEC Excellence in Open Science Prize.

The $500 prize was for demonstrating exceptional development and dissemination of impactful data for the scientific community. The competition attracted multiple applicants, drawing attention to Open Science throughout the Wisconsin MRSEC community.

The winner was graduate student Bradley Dallin for his work on molecules interacting with water, with potential applications from understanding human blood to protein folding diseases like Alzheimer’s. Bradley shared his results in papers, but also shared all his simulations and tools in an open accessible format for the community, increasing the impact of his work.